Application Development

110 Consulting’s Nearshore

Cost effective, flexible, efficient and puts the client above all else.

You may be among the many companies that have had difficulties with your project utilizing Offshore resources. Offshore projects go wrong for a variety of reasons. At the top is the communication barrier. What usually starts as a small misunderstanding quickly snowballs into a very big misunderstanding. Language barriers, cultural differences, misuse of development methodology, infrequent iterations and the laps in time zones are some of the core reasons Offshore projects fail or quickly move off course. Our Nearshore team eliminates these issues resulting in a happy client and on-going relationship.

Cost Effective. Nearshore resources cost roughly 1/2 less than U.S.-based development resources, providing the highest possible ROI to your company without sacrificing time, education, skill or communication. It costs 10% - 15 % more to use Nearshore rather than Offshore, but you get 20 – 30% more productivity out of your engagement.

Efficiency. Our Nearshore team works in the same time zone, resulting in the highest level of efficiency and productivity as we can stay on-top of client’s needs and requirements in real time.

Communication. In addition to collaborating more frequently with clients, our Nearshore team utilizes the use of real time collaboration tools such as lync and skype to participate in the daily meeting rhythm and produce a more personal interaction between our clients and staff. Client’s also have the ability to review and/or interview our different Nearshore candidates before making decisions.

Flexible. Our Nearshore team is  comfortable working within the agile/scrum based methodolgy which results in a flexible engagement/experience both internally and with the client.

Accountability. The 110 Nearshore team leverages internal architecture and quality control resources to ensure the deliverables are aligned with requirements and client expectations.

Security. Keeping our clients data and privacy is extremely important to 110 Consulting. This is one of the many reasons our Nearshore services are hosted in Argentina. The government of Argentina has made software development a top priority regarding exported goods and services. They have mandated safeguards that provide higher levels of protections than other non-U.S. countries.