Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Take your products and services to market with clarity and focus.

110 Marketing Approach

Providing marketing resources on-demand with passion and skill at all levels, 110 Consulting partners with clients to provide expert service at a competitive price. 110 Consulting chooses staff for projects based on client’s exact requirements and screens every individual before presenting them to the client. This saves interviewing time and gets the consultant on-boarded and productive quickly.

Experienced marketing professionals in IT are hard to find and harder to keep on staff. Short product lifecycles, volatility, and short time to market for products and services, has forced companies to look at supplementing their team with contingent marketing staff.

Currently many companies find it more profitable to keep a skeleton staff of marketers, and augment on an as needed, by project basis. This allows companies to have the same productivity of a larger team but without the risk of business cycles and increasing benefit costs.

110 Consulting has excellent relationships with “free agent” marketing professionals. With a large network of candidates to choose from, 110 Consulting is able to provide clients ‘the best of the best’ to meet client requirements. We are extremely successful in finding the best team of marketers for each and every project.

Why 110 Marketing Services?

110 Consulting provides highly trained and productive marketing staff for short-term and long-term projects, and can supply these professionals quickly and seamlessly to help clients achieve their time and budget objectives.

Clients of 110 Consulting can look forward to having access to an exclusive group of senior and junior consultants. 110’s consultants have extensive large to small corporate experience across various industries, combined with 110’s methodologies, best practices, and “end-to-end” engagement models. Clients receive project flexibility and control that enables 110 to design, develop, and deliver compelling marketing content (in whole, or, in part) in alignment with short- and long-term client needs.

Services & Solution

  • Alliances and Partners Marketing
  • Go-To-Market Strategy and Execution
  • Content Development
  • Creative Services
  • Product Management and Product Marketing
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